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We provide global strategies to protect valuable global brands against illicit trade. We benchmark, optimize and augment brand protection programs to combat illicit trade and educate policy makers on illicit trade, as well as the unintended consequences of public policy.

Brand Protection Strategies:


We develop comprehensive strategies to protect our clients' most valuable assets – their brands. These strategies incorporate Market Monitoring, Investigate Intelligence Programs, Law Enforcement Engagement, Public Policy and Litigation.


Anti-Counterfeiting Tools & Technologies, Including Track and Trace:


We advise our clients on practical tools and technologies designed to combat counterfeit goods. We consult our clients on the benefits, costs and limitation of various technologies and provide an assessment on the applicability of each technology to address our client’s illicit trade issue.


Anti Illicit Trade Advocacy:


We develop advocacy for our clients to communicate the issues of illicit trade and counterfeit goods to connect with consumers, trade partners, government agencies and law enforcement. As part of our advisement, we develop comprehensive communication packages, including public submissions and testimony, if needed. We also present, advocate and testify on our client’s behalf.


Shape Public Policy:


We use or extensive public affairs and public policy knowledge to provide strategies to our clients to help shape public policy with the goal of positively influencing the enforcement against counterfeit goods. We have advised and worked with local, state and federal government agencies on strategies to combat the illicit trade and are a trusted advisor for U.S. governments and across the globe.


Unintended Consequences:


We have advised governments across the U.S. and globally on the unintended consequences public policy can have on illicit trade. To achieve these goals, we develop, plan and implement in-depth comprehensive advocacy, outreach and engagement strategies. Our engagement strategies include grass-roots, grass-tops, coalition building, direct and indirect advocacy. We specialize in providing critical third party activation and support. We also provide submissions, public testimony and public comment to local, state, federal and global government to educate how public policy can undermine the very public policy goals they are trying to accomplish.

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